About Lift-off

About Lift-off

For decades, rockets have inspired us.

They’ve made us believe we can blast past the boundaries of our normal lives towards something greater than ourselves.

Seeing engineers, scientists and countries come together to break past gravity and fly towards something greater?

There’s nothing more motivating. But instead of waiting for those all-too-rare rocket launches to get the inspirational boost we wanted…

We decided to make our own rocket fuel.

This is Lift-off, a collective of artists, entrepreneurs, solo entrepreneurs, investors, and hustlers, all focused on explosive personal and professional growth.

We believe we all have the potential for greatness, and these canvasses are designed to motivate people to be the best version of themselves.

Invest in yourself every day
Each Lift-off canvas is there for you to see each day - on the good days and the hard ones. Your commitment to the grind is what sets you apart, and these canvasses are a testament to your dedication.

The world needs your ideas, your product, and your vision - and it’s our sincere hope that our art pushes you there.

Lift-off, together
We’re a group of creators and entrepreneurs who understand how crucial it is to have a good environment around you. For your mindset, performance, and future successes.

Headquartered in the Netherlands and working with artists and entrepreneurs from around the world, we built Lift-off to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs, using the same inspiration and motivation that drives us to create, make, and shape our futures.

Rocket launches used to be rare. But with the right motivation and the right people around you, nothing will stop you from Lifting Off to achieve your own greatness each and every day.